Cast iron pipes with integral flanges may be used

The pipes can further be melted down and turned into other usable material in industry.These types of pipes are highly efficient and can be used in small diameters as needed and are 100% recyclable compared to other materials. Steel pipes are the most commonly used pipes in water supply systems. Above 65 mm nominal bore, welded fittings to BS 1965 are recommended, although cast iron pipes with integral flanges or steel pipes with welded-on flanges may be used.

NSSMC supports Japanese shipbuilding by providing various types of high quality steel pipes, from small to large bore. These products are widely used in a variety of applications such as crane boom hydraulic cylinders, crawler bushes, and structural members for civil engineering and construction. Through integrated quality management from the materials stage, we provide highly functional, high quality products to suit the needs of customers world wide. Galvanized Pipe Supplier in China

We manufacture steel tube for machine structures, suitable for construction equipment and industrial machinery applications. Due to the rising social need for safety assurance, cost effectiveness and aesthetics in recent years, many new characteristics have become necessary for steel pipes in fields such as civil engineering and construction. Steel pipe for construction and facilities, to help support safety and security, and contribute to the development of cities and industry.

NSSMC stainless steel and Ni alloy steel pipes can handle harsh environments. For that purpose, these plants require the tubes and pipes that are durable in the severe condition with high temperature and pressure. The steel pipes made by NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION improve workability during assembly and appearance due to high dimensional accuracy and quality in the pipe surface, and are highly appreciated by customers.

The pipes made by NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION are being used at the section supporting leg part of the jack-up rig in equipment to extract fossil fuels including petroleum and gas deposited under the sea-bed. Steel pipes continuously supporting offshore digging equipment for a long period with high quality and reliability. Steel welded pipes made of unalloyed steel, with specific properties.

“Steel Pipe.” How Products Are Made. 10 When seamless pipe is needed, square billets are used for production. Welded steel pipe is a continuous process and depending on the size of the pipe, it can be made as fast as 1,100 ft (335.3 m) per minute.Steel pipes are made by two different processes. There are two types of steel pipe, one is seamless and another has a single welded seam along its length. Seamless pipes are those which do not have a welded seam.

To produce enough tubes to meet this demand, a variety of inventors set to work on developing new pipe making processes. Archeological evidence suggests that the Chinese used reed pipe for transporting water to desired locations as early as 2000 b.c. Clay tubes that were used by other ancient civilizations have been discovered. It is then made into a pipe by stretching the steel out into a seamless tube or forcing the edges together and sealing them with a weld.