China Grain Reserves Corporation: Recently Purchased Some Soybeans from the United States in Batches(II)

British media said that three people familiar with the matter told Reuters that the White House had postponed the second round of payment of the $12 billion aid plan to farmers affected by Sino-US trade disputes. It is now optimistic that China will soon resume purchasing US soybeans. According to Reuters reported on December 11, the source said that US President Trump’s White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) postponed the approval of the payment, because of the cost of the plan, and want to wait and see, with China whether the trade issue between the two will be resolved. The source asked for no name, so the matter has not been made public.galvanized steel coils

Trump said that it will issue a second round of subsidies to US farmers. US media: unable to make up for losses

US media said that even if there is a news that China has resumed buying US soybeans, US President Donald Trump said on the 17th that he will still issue a second round of subsidies to farmers suffering from tariff damage. However, this cannot compensate for the loss of soybean growers this year due to trade wars. According to CNN’s December 18 report, Trump said on Twitter on the 17th: “Today, I fulfilled my promise to protect our farmers and ranchers from foreign unwarranted trade retaliation. I have authorized Agriculture Minister Sonny Perdue to implement the second round of payment for the market promotion plan.” The report said that the US soybean growers were particularly hard hit. In retaliation for the imposition of new tariffs on the United States, China stopped buying US soybeans in July.

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