February 3, 2014 – Alpine Cleaning and Restoration has volunteered to remodel the Child & Family Support Center’s newly acquired Smithfield location.
The building, located at 502 South Main Street, was formerly the home to the Summit Clinic. Intermountain Healthcare donated the building to the Child & Family Support Center in November, 2014. Alpine Cleaning and Restoration, also located in Smithfield, generously offered to remodel the new building to suit the needs of the Child & Family Support Center programming which is centered around their mission of Strengthening Families and Protecting Children.
Bart Caley, Alpine Cleaning and Restoration’s Director of Business Development, said working with the Child & Family Support Center is in line with their goals of restoring what was lost. “Alpine Cleaning and Restoration restores buildings after a flood or fire and the Child & Family Support Center restores families. It takes work and effort.”
Caley also said the Child & Family Support Center is an organization to stand behind. “We saw how much the Child & Family Support Center helps families and people in dire need.” Chris Harris, President of Alpine Cleaning and Restoration said, “We, as a local company, have been greatly blessed by a community who has supported us so well for over 26 years that we feel it is only right to give back to our community whenever we have the opportunity. We have supported the Child & Family Support Center for several years and know that they are a great service in our community and bless the lives of many people in times of need. We are grateful for this opportunity, through the remodeling of the new Smithfield location, to help bless the lives of those in our community.” Alpine Cleaning was named Business of the Year for the Center in April of 2014.
Esterlee Molyneux, Executive Director of the Child & Family Support Center states, “Alpine Cleaning and Restoration cares about community and cares about families. This is a beautiful partnership between a business and a non-profit that will ultimately result in families at the north end of Cache Valley having easily accessible education and support.”
Parenting classes, stepfamily education, children’s social skills, anger management, counseling and a nursery are a few of the services that will potentially be available at the facility.
Additional members of the community have stepped up to help with the remodel including Gary Dent from JG Builders, Scott Johnson from Bridge Plumbing, Matt Brummond of AbateX Environmental and Cantwell Lumber. Alpine Cleaning and Restoration will begin the demolition next week.

The Child & Family Support Center announces a Smithfield location in the former Summit Clinic building donated by Intermountain Healthcare

December 8, 2014 – The Child & Family Support Center is expanding services again with a location in Smithfield to better serve families living in the north end of the valley.
The Smithfield center will make its home at 502 South Main Street in the former Summit Clinic which had been owned by Intermountain Healthcare. Intermountain Logan Regional Hospital recently donated the 4,000-square-foot clinic to the Child & Family Support Center. The donation’s value is $380,000. “This really is a miracle for our organization,” said Esterlee Molyneux, executive director for the Child & Family Support Center. “There aren’t words to express our appreciation to Intermountain Healthcare. This gift will allow children and families to be supported both today and for generations to come. The value of this donation is immeasurable. To put this into perspective, the Child & Family Support Center worked for eight years to have enough resources to open a small facility in Hyrum. With Intermountain Healthcare’s donation, services may be available as early as spring, 2015,” said Molyneux.
Mike Clark, Logan Regional Hospital’s CEO, said helping the Child & Family Support Center, by increasing their capacity to serve Cache Valley’s communities, helps Intermountain Healthcare fulfill its mission to help people live the healthiest lives possible. “The services they provide to strengthen families and protect children complement the health services we provide. We are really excited for the opportunity to donate this facility to them.”
Clark also said donating the building is only a part of the equation. “The Child & Family Support Center is a not-for-profit organization and they accomplish amazing things with the grants and donations they receive, yet they still have on-going needs to make the Smithfield location fully operational.” Molyneux said she anticipates offering some services as early as spring, 2015, and hopes to add services as more resources become available.
“This center, as well as the centers in Logan and Hyrum, will pave the way for stronger future generations by supporting parents who strive to do what is best for their children,” said Molyneux.
For more information about the Child & Family Support Center and services offered to parents and children, please contact the Child & Family Support Center at 435-752-8880.

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