Parenting Education

The Child & Family Support Center’s Parenting Education Program provides the families we serve with a wide selection of both center-based and in-home parenting support. Designed to support our mission of Strengthening Families and Protecting Children, our program creates opportunities for parents to:

Learn and practice positive parenting techniques;
Improve communication within their families;
Develop a better understanding of topics like child development, conflict resolution, and discipline;
Understand characteristics of healthy families and develop/maintain a nurturing home environment.
We invite you to take advantage of our Parenting Education Program by registering for one of our upcoming classes:

Outreach: This in-home parenting service provides customized parenting support for families with children of all ages. Working with a Parent Advocate, participants enjoy hands-on instruction that benefits their families according to their unique needs and priorities. This service is provided free of charge.
Center-based Parenting Class: The Child & Family Support Center’s 8-week Parenting Class creates an enjoyable, interactive learning environment where participants share ideas and receive group instruction. Topics addressed include communication, goal-setting, stress management, child development, discipline, and more. This service is provided for a nominal materials fee. Scholarships are available for qualified applicants. Childcare in our state-licensed Crisis/Respite Nursery is provided free of charge for children ages 11 and under.
Parenting Class at the Cache County Jail: Provided in conjunction with the Inmate Programming Department in the Cache County Sheriff’s Office, the Child & Family Support Center’s 8-week Parenting Class at the Cache County Jail provides incarcerated men and women with group instruction related to successful parenting and developing healthy families. Whether or not they have children, participants have the opportunity to develop enhanced social skills and improve their personal understanding of nurturing family environments, traditions, and goal-setting. Topics addressed include communication, making positive life changes, stress management, child development, discipline, parenting while incarcerated, and more. Participants who complete this course successfully receive a Certificate of Achievement.
Stepfamily Class: Employing the National Stepfamily Resource Center’s evidence-based Smart Steps curriculum, this 7-week course is offered in partnership with Utah State University and is especially designed for stepfamilies. Participating parents and their children are provided with weekly instruction, interactive activities, and an evening meal. During the “small-group” portion of each class, parents meet together, while children are divided into developmentally appropriate age groups. Families come together at the end of each session for a reinforcing family activity. Helping stepfamilies navigate the unique challenges of blending two families, our Stepfamily Classes are focused on helping stepparents and their stepchildren develop healthy family relationships. This service is provided free of charge. Children ages 5+ are invited to participate with their parents. Free childcare is provided for younger children in our 24-hour Crisis/Respite Nursery.
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