Parents’Classic Words To Their Children

As a sub-topic of family education research, parents’ expectation of their children has important theoretical and practical significance. Do you want to know how parents write their children’s future messages? Here are some of the contents we collected and organized. Let’s take a look at them.

6 classic messages collection

  1. Today, you are full of feathers, flying high; but be ready to face the storm. Today, the boat is in place, the sea is far away, but we must be ready to challenge the waves at all times.
  2. Baby, now you are the beginning of a beautiful fairy tale, later stories may be inclusive, but must be beautiful, is the brilliant dawn. Maybe there will be wind and rain, but there will be brilliant sunshine to welcome you. Wish you health, happiness, intelligence, innocence and kindness. You are happy, so we are happy!
  3. You have a pair of wings. Fly perseveringly, don’t be overwhelmed by the wind and rain; Fly sincerely, don’t be intoxicated by the sweet juice. Towards a clear goal, towards a better life.
  4. You’ve dealt with this problem so well that even the teacher is ashamed of himself. If you continue to work hard, you’ll be even better!
  5. A wise man does tomorrow’s work today; a lazy man does yesterday’s work today; a foolish man pushes yesterday’s work to tomorrow. Wish you to be a smart child! May you be the master of time!
  6. My child, life is also a great gift, everyone has their own shining points, you are not a unique one, God will not care about you anything, you have to grasp yourself, know the strengths and weaknesses about your own, be good at choosing, dare to give up, do not blindly compare with others, in the face of challenges, you have to be confident.


Every parent wants his family to be harmonious and his children to grow up healthily. If we look at these messages, we may have some inspiration.

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