The Child & Family Support Center’s Therapy Department focuses on providing therapeutic services according to the standards of best practice. What this means to YOU is that our therapists are specially trained to facilitate emotional healing in a sensitive, professional environment. Provided free of charge to eligible clients, services focus on assisting primary and secondary victims of crime (abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, etc.) with confronting their challenges in a personally empowering way. Working with individuals (both men and women), children, and families, we strive to help our clients overcome the obstacles they face as a result of victimization; thereby freeing themselves of the constraints that so often impede their lives. Along with individual and family therapy, our center provides crisis counseling, play therapy, sand tray therapy, trauma-focused therapy, and more. We also host a Women’s Therapy Group, a Sexual Assault Group, and various other workshops throughout the year.

Please contact our Clinical Coordinator, JaNae Sorensen, at (435)752-8880 ( to learn more about opportunities for therapy at the Child & Family Support Center.

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