Which consumes kalulido, rope skipping or running

Running is divided adjustable dumbbell set into long-distance running, jogging, sprinting and so on. As a fitness person, we all know that running has many advantages for people, such as relaxing the brain, increasing vital capacity, increasing muscle and so on. However, regular fitness people also know that it is very difficult to run to sweat, jogging will have to run an hour to sweat. So does that mean that running is not as good as rope skipping?

Rope skipping, generally refers to single rope skipping, two feet off the ground count one. This kind of sports in primary school when almost everyone is a master, grow up is also regarded as a very suitable fitness project by many people. People who jump rope all know that it takes a lot of physical strength to jump rope. Even if it’s just a minute, it’s breathless after jumping rope. So does that mean rope skipping is better than running?

1、 Time calculation

It takes about one minute to jump rope 100, but it takes about ten minutes to jump rope 1000, because people can’t jump for ten minutes continuously and regularly. And how much do you run in ten minutes? The fastest person is one kilometer. So that is to say, rope skipping 1000 is equal to running a kilometer.

2、 Based on heat consumption

Skipping rope for half an hour consumes about 350 calories, skipping rope for ten minutes consumes about 110 calories, and running a kilometer consumes about 70 calories.

Running for a long time is very harmful to the knee. If you want to grow tall through exercise, you can try rope skipping. If you want to increase your lung capacity through exercise, you can choose long-distance running, even speed and long distance. Over time, your lung capacity will be significantly improved.